Mini Photo Album turned into Mini Cookbook

I decided to make mini-cook books using mini photo albums I found at the dollar store.  I don’t consider myself a very crafty person, which is why the front cover is rather lame. ha ha. I wanted to get busy typing and printing out the recipes, cutting them to size and getting them in the cookbook.  I will probably at least spruce up the front cover some day.

The purpose of doing this:  I wanted to have something very small that I could store a bunch of my super healthy recipes.   The goal is to hopefully only have recipes that are short and fairly quick to make.   It’s not really for main dish recipes like beef stew, lasagna, etc.  It’s more for fairly quick soups, many different kinds of salads and so on. You will get to see some of these recipes in my blog posts on here I’m sure. I’m already loving it. I want a quick reminder on how to make something and there is my convenient little cook-book.

Each book holds 40 recipes.  I’m almost done with one of my cookbooks. I found a cute little program that I use to enter each recipes to print. You can pick from a few different formats and it’s free.


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