parsley salad recipe

I love fresh spinach from the farms, but the packaged baby spinach containers are so convenient.  They last awhile and I re-use the containers. There great for salads. I use spinach a lot. If I don’t put them into salads, soups, or omelets, I’m putting them into my shakes.  What do you use spinach for?

My salad today was a parsley salad. It’s actual recipe name is: Kiwi, cucumber and avocado tabbouleh

It’s from my friend Galya Denzel. The recipe link is here:

I will also include a copy of the recipe below.

I love Galya and have many recipes of hers that I make frequently. I have made this recipe at least 4 times since reading about it. I can’t believe the health benefits of Parsley. I would never of thought!!! I like how I can switch between using fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice or both. The cucumbers, kiwi, parsley and a few other ingredients are just so yummy together.  As Galya mentions: “… brings significant amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, iron and folate – all of which we need to usually supplement with”

Floyd Maxwell sums it up: “Parsley, An Unsung Hero”.  This article of his has some many great explanations about some of the benefits of parsley. For example – he states…”As much protein per bunch as a couple of eggs”.

Click here for article from Floyd Maxwell. It’s short and very sweet. At the end of the article, there is a recipe for parsley pie that I would love to try very soon.  I like to rotate my healthy recipes so I don’t get bored.  It would be great to have at least 2 yummy recipes with one of the main ingredients being parsley.   Just make sure you use flat leaf parsley. I tried using the curly kind and I didn’t like it.

PARSLEY SALAD aka Galya’s Kiwi, cucumber and avocado tabbouleh


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