I can finally do a full chin up

I recently posted about my exciting accomplishment on FACEBOOK.

I can finally do one full chin up.   Yeah!!!   That means using no bands, no jumping, no chairs. Just one full chin up by myself.

I owe a lot of it to my Iron Gym Bar. This thing is great. I saw it at my brothers house years ago. He showed some of the things you can do with it, and I ended up buying one for myself. I used to be able to do a few chin-ups a few years ago when I was in decent shape. Unfortunately, I went through a stage in my life fairly recently where I didn’t exercise and eat a ton of junk food.  Since I’m 41 and my metabolism isn’t quite the way it used to, this lead to being overweight.  So after  MANY!! weeks of eating clean and exercising, I can now proudly do a chin up. : )

The picture shows the Iron Gym Bar with one of my bands attached.  Having a resistance band can help with building the muscles necessary for doing chin ups and pull ups.  You put your knee in the bottom loop and than you lift yourself up.  As you get better, you can use bands that have lesser resistance.  Another exercises to train those muscles are inverted rows (which can be done using your kitchen table and are shown in the video link below).  Lastly, I recently came across a very nice article with video’s included from Mark Sisson.  The article is called The Importance of Pull Up Bar Training.  It has some great exercise examples. Please click on the link to read the article.